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Legislative monitoring

The monitoring includes:

  • All the rules production (bills and connected amendments,  decree-laws, decrees, ministerial decrees, regulations, circulars etc.) of the Parliament and of the Italian government;
  • The acts of inspection and control (questions, interpellations, motions, resolutions and point of order of the day) of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate addressed to the Government;
  • The proceedings of parliamentary committees of inquiry and investigation;
  • Acts of the Council of Ministers;
  • The proceedings of the Joint Conference State-Regions-Local Government;
  • The acts of the Supervisory Authority.


The information to the client is articulated as follows:

  • A daily report (sent in the morning) to update with news of more immediate interest (amendments, queries or other initiatives worthy of attention);
  • A weekly report (every Friday) on the status and procedure of the activities of interest;
  • A report earlier this week (Monday morning) on the agenda of the work of parliament, government and other institutional bodies on matters of interest;
  • The chance to get in  real-time, also on a telephone request, additional information on individual aspects of the subjects of interest.

The report shall contain, in addition to a brief summary of the most relevant updates, a systematic and rational representation of the state and the individual steps of the process of interest, and information on the expected timing of the main acts ongoing.

 Are sent also:

  • The reports of the discussions in the Parliament hall and in the  parliamentary committees;
  • Other documents of interest (agendas and press releases on the advice of ministers, legislative proposals, reports of hearings of representatives of the Government and stakeholders conducted in the  parliamentary committees …);
  • Upon request, the political aspects of individual MPs or members of the Government.
  • For measures from time to time expressly indicated by the customer, are provided additional and more specific insights on issues of specific interest.